Nascent Semiconductor is a research intensive business, furnishing customers with specialist electronic devices to solve diverse extreme environment engineering problems.

Nascent Semiconductor has world leading expertise relating to the design of electronic devices and circuits for long term deployment in extreme environments, including those containing very high temperatures and high ionising radiation dose. These environments are found in a wide range of markets, including aerospace, nuclear, military, geothermal energy, space and oil and gas exploration.  The circuits have the ability to monitor and control industrial processes, including combustion control in gas turbines, facilitate robotics in nuclear decommissioning, as well as enabling deeper wells in oil and gas exploration.  The technology offers the possibility of remote monitoring in extreme environments, something that is not possible using conventional electronics and hence enabling the Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE). 

Nascent offers a complete solution to the development of extreme environment electronics depending on the needs of the customer.  From scoping studies that outline the opportunities for the technology in a specific application, to fully manufactured capabilities that can meet a specific need. Nascent is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, designing electronic components to offer long term, reliable operation in these extreme environments are processed through third-parties entirely within Europe, prior to qualification testing and final circuit assembly at Nascent specialist facilities in Country Durham, UK.